On Wed, 06 Feb 2002, Adam D. Moss wrote:
 > Raphael Quinet wrote:
 > > The only thing that is missing is a standard list of names and types
 > > for all parasites.
 > {docs|devel-docs}/parasites.txt

Err...  Right.  I knew that the file existed (I took a look at it the
last time we discussed the parasites) but I had forgotten its
location.  It is indeed included in the GIMP tarball, in the
devel-docs directory.

But it needs to be extended with all the names of the EXIF parasites.
So I will try to do that this week.  Basically, I think that it would
be enough to use the name "gimp-blah" for each "blah" field of the
EXIF data and simply copy the descriptions given in the EXIF standard.
Some of the fields will have to be discarded (or set read-only or not
persistent) because they only make sense for the original file format
and are irrelevant once the image is converted to an RGB bitmap.  I
will probably start with the list given in:


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