following up to myself, some more things TODO I forgot to mention in
my last mail:

IMO the menu structure would benefit from a well-planned overhaul.  If
someone feels annoyed enough by the current situation, he / she could
try to come up with a proposal for a better menu hierarchy.  We have
done this before several times and I think it always got better, so we
should prolly do it again in this development cycle.

Related to the menus, we also need a concept for accelerator keys in
GIMP-1.4. I think it should be possible to come up with a consistent
set of accelerators for the whole application. At the moment we have
different accelerators depending on whether the the image or the
layers dialog is focused. That should be avoided if possible. This
definitely needs some thought to get it right.

I'd also like to remove TODO.xml and TODO from the source tree and put
all feature requests into bugzilla. Someone would have to go through
TODO and file bug-reports for all reasonable ideas in there. We can
then decide if and when we want to implement the feature and set a
suitable target milestone on the request.

Salut, Sven
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