On 2002-02-18, Carol Spears wrote:
 > On 2002-02-13 at 1539.15 +0100, Sven Neumann typed this mail:
 > > Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
 > > > On 2002-02-13 at 0058.58 +0100, Sven Neumann typed this mail:
 > > > > I'd also like to remove TODO.xml and TODO from the source tree and put
 > > > > all feature requests into bugzilla. Someone would have to go through
 > > > > TODO and file bug-reports for all reasonable ideas in there. We can
 > > > > then decide if and when we want to implement the feature and set a
 > > > > suitable target milestone on the request.
 > since this little chore has become somewhat bigger than the paste job i
 > volunteered for, perhaps i should un-volunteer.
 > prolly no one should hold their breath waiting for me to become familiar
 > enough with HEAD to edit the TODO list ....

Well, although I still cannot use CVS and therefore cannot edit the
TODO file, I can at least help converting its contents to a bunch of
bug reports.  I know bugzilla quite well and I know what has already
been reported (to avoid duplicates and insert appropriate
cross-references) so I can probably contribute a bit...

However, I do not have enough time to do that right now so I will
probably not start until next week.  If anyone can do that earlier and
knows how to submit good bug reports, then please do it.


P.S.: In my previous mail, Mozilla messed up all the lines starting
       with two spaces and replaced them by three spaces.  Sometimes it
       also inserts blank lines where it shouldn't.  Does anyone know
       how to prevent it from doing that?  Alternatively, does anyone
       know a good graphical mail tool that supports MIME and allows
       you to compose plain text messages without trying to guess what
       you really wanted to write?  Please reply to me directly because
       this is off-topic for this list.  Thanks.

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