[  date  ] 2002/03/04 | Monday | 01:07 PM
[ author ] Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

> > with Gimp 1.2.3, and I read it can in fact be made to act like a
> > server, startedwithout the GUI, passing it commands with the
> > 'gimp-remote' program (which incidentally seems absent from my
> > installation).
> The only thing gimp-remote can do is to tell a running gimp to open a
> specific file.

I wrote a script called gimp-request which does what you (vio)
thought gimp-remote would do.  An interesting twist is that it
lets you preprocess the Scheme code with Perl.  I noticed you
were a Python guy, but you might find the implementation to be
interesting anyway.  


Instead of trying to bring the GIMP to the Web like you're proposing,
I'm trying to make the GIMP and the Unix command line work together the
way a Unix programmer expects to be able to.

PS: Don't let the long write-up fool you -- the actual script is
    really short.

package wuv'apqvjgt;($_=join('',(*PgtnHcemgt))) # print map "beppu\@$_\n", qw(
=~ s/([HaP])(?!e)/ \U>$1/g;s/^.|:| (?=A)|>//g;y # cpan.org  lbox.org  binq.org
/c-z/a-u/;print"J$_\n";#$^%$^X@.^ <!-- japh --> # oss.lineo.com codepoet.org);
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