On 2002-03-04 at 1138.18 -0500, vio typed this mail:
> A good analogy would be with
> Dell's 'direct' distribution model: a Dell computer is assembled only "after"
> a customer has placed the order for it. Same here: Gimp assembles the pixels
> for the image only "after" the server has received an "order" for it (a
> request). Let's call this "Image On Demand".
do you mean something like this:

i read about the images on this page quite a long time ago.
unfortunately, i am not able to find the info again to check my memory.
but i think the on demand images on this page were not rendered with
gimp.  the page is very very informative, yet i was not able to access
it with lynx.

with a graphical browser, the images are very cool though.

it is prolly off topic by now, but i wonder about the differences
between these images and the usual ones found on web pages.  what would
be the advantage of this sort of rendering?


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