Philip Brown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > BTW, would you try gimp 1.3.7 (or CVS) and try if the problem still
> > persists there? If they behave different we'd have a hint how to
> > fix 1.2. If 1.3.7 has the effect too, we have a bug on both branches :(
> I already tried. I was very disappointed to see that you guys seem to be
> following in GNOME's footsteps, and suddenly requiring 3 times the amount of
> library dependancies. With the similar effect that the required libraries
> dont build well on Solaris.

I don't think it is as worth as you describe it here. We have been
very careful about choosing our dependencies. The only dependency that
was added to GIMP-1.3 that wasn't part of GIMP-1.2 or hasn't been
introduced by GTK+-2.0 is libart2.

> To be explicit, I cannot build the required libraries for gimp 1.3.7 on
> Solaris, my development platform.

you should file bug-reports against the required packages then. Solaris
is very special in lots of places and you can't expect free software
developers to know and care about these little details by themselves.

Salut, Sven
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