On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 09:19:07PM +0200, Michael Natterer wrote:
> ...
> BTW, would you try gimp 1.3.7 (or CVS) and try if the problem still
> persists there? If they behave different we'd have a hint how to
> fix 1.2. If 1.3.7 has the effect too, we have a bug on both branches :(

Okay, now that I've actually gotten 1.3.7 built successfully, I can finally
try it out :-)

bad news... same bug.

And yes, "testinput" from

works normally with the pentablet.

As I mentioned previously, I worked around this, by simply putting an
'#ifdef' around the pointer grabs in 1.2.3

If you want this 'patch', you're welcome to it, at


Apply in the app directory with **"patch -c"**, since it is a context diff.

However, I dont see it as suitable for integration into the normal code
base as-is, for multiple reasons:

1. Its a pure #ifdef. Its not integrated into configure or anything.
   And it defaults to "dont do the grab at all".

2. What criteria would you USE in configure to enable/disable this?
   I have no idea why the grab is even done in the first place, so
   I cant even guess
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