On 4 Nov 2002, Sven Neumann wrote:

> well, if you could come up with the detailed specs of these sexy new
> graphics cards we could certainly consider to use these features.

The fragment shaders is a part of the OpenGL extensions for these
boxes and are fully documented.   For nVidia hardware, you program
them in a C-like language called 'Cg'.  However, it would probably
be wiser to wait for the release of OpenGL 2.0 which will have a
portable C-like shader language.

> However judging from my experience as a DirectFB developer I'd say
> there's not much chance that the hardware vendors will give away these
> details unless you sign a pile of ugly contracts that effectively
> forbid to use the knowledge in an open source project.

That is not a problem in this case...although some of the other
issues mentioned earlier might be.

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