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> On Fri, 29 Nov 2002 11:29:12 -0500, Patrick McFarland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Btw, has there been a discussion on how layer grouping will work?
> > I want to be able to both group layers in just a group (aka doesnt change
> > how rendering works at all) then also be able to group layers together, and
> > have the output of that act as a layer (aka, for calculating the "virtual"
> > layer, only the layers inside of it are done, no outside layers interact with
> > these except through the final "virtual" layer.)
> There has been some discussion about layer grouping, but I do not
> think that any concrete implementation proposals have ever been agreed
> upon.  So anyone who could come up with a GUI mock-up is welcome.
> Code is even more welcome, of course.  ;-)
> So as you mentioned yourself, there are two ways to define "groups":
> they have different purposes and need to be implemented differently.

A little while ago I added another little code project to my todo queue, it's
just a toy project but might end up providing useful ideas for the implementation.
I've been toying with the idea to create a small program that is built entirely
of plug-ins and allows you to build graphs of dataflow between inputs and outputs
of the plug-ins (nodes in the graph). And thus enable the coding of a function that
only blurs the brightness and not the color of an image to be "coded" visually
like this:

RGBA value_blur(RGBA,radius){
        | split_RGBA |
          |  |  |  |
          |  |  |  `---.
        .-R--G--B-.     \
        | rgb2hsv |      \
        `-H--S--V-'       \
          |  |   \         \
          |  |    \         |
          |  | .---V------. | 
          |  | |blur(radius)|
          |  | `---V------'/  
          |  |     |      /
          |  |    /      /
          |  |   /      /
        .-H--S--V-.    /
        | hsv2rgb |   /
        `-R--G--B-'  /
          |  |  |   /
        | join_RGBA  |

At the moment I'm pondering about reference counting to avoid exhausting memory,

It'll take a little while until I have the time to start working on it,  this is a much
more general approach, but if I end up with something viable at least the ideas can be
used to implement most kinds of layer grouping etc. since they will be graphs with 
special constraints.

http://phpweb.hig.no/~oey_kola/graph.txt <- some more of my ascii ramblings.

I don't want to try to implemnt this in gimp directly since it's mostly playing
with some design ideas I have, but if the ideas work out nicely,. gimp should be
able to benefit from the fact that the problem has been attacked a little outside

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