On 13-Dec-2002, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > First I would like to say Im not trying to start a flamewar
> > here... but will the win32 Gimp target ever support Photoshop
> > plugins
> iirc, the latest win32 version already does.

Cool, but this limits me to using win32 =/

> > and will the *nix x86 Gimp target ever support Photoshop plugins
> > via Wine?
> it will if someone hacks it. If I'm right and it already works on
> Win32, it should be possible to bring this functionality to UNIX x86.
> If it is a wise decision to try to support Photoshop Plug-ins is a
> different question...

I think its a wise decision only because of the fact a lot of good photoshop
plugins arnt made by Adobe, and also Gimp is still missing a few things that
Photoshop has, including correct Cloud and Differencial Cloud (the one that
looks like grey plasma) behavior.

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