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> The relationship between GIMP and GIMP for Windows is made clear,
> and everyone seems to agree nobody knows what the MacGimp effort
> really does.

sorry, but I didn't have the impression that your page sheds the right
light on the relationship. Instead the reader may get the wrong
impression that the the different platforms use a forked codebase.
Perhaps it's just me, but that's what I read between the lines.

> My true goal in documenting GIMP-related projects is to stem
> widespread supposition and misinformation. The total absence of
> documentation on the GIMP Web site regarding the status and
> relationships of the many GIMP ports and projects has caused
> everyone confusion.

that is indeed a noble goal but spreading misinformation is not the
right way to achieve it. That's why Raphael and me tried to outline a
number of mistakes in your page. If you feel personally attacked,
that's your very own problem. It was definitely not my intention.

The whole point here is that instead of a collaborative effort to
provide some urgently needed information about the GIMP projects, you
just went ahead and put something into public space. It would have
been a lot better to prepare a draft and discuss it on the appropriate
lists before putting this online.

Salut, Sven
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