yesterday someone from the GIMP developers stumpled across this page:


After examing the brushes that can be downloaded there, we found that
GIMP can not read them although they have the .gbr extension and the
magic file header for GIMP brushes. Actually it's even the very same
format but version 3. But, version 3 of the GIMP brush format does not
exist. What happened here?

I don't know exactly when this change to the brush format was made nor
who made it. I just want to state that this is an inacceptible
procedure. If FilmGIMP or CinePaint needs a new brush format for
whatever reasons, they are of course free to design the new format
closely to the GIMP brush format. But it can not be that you simply
take the GIMP brush format and increase the version number. This is
something that only the GIMP developers can decide to do. If for some
reason you wanted to stick with the GIMP brush format, you should have
at least asked. We could then have decided on a format change and
include support for the new file format version in both applications.
>From reading your web-page I understood that CinePaint does not even
support the GBR versions 1 and 2 that are used by The GIMP. This seems
to indicate that you just needed a new and different format. You should
have at least changed the magic file header then so that utilities
such as file(1) are able to differentiate between GIMP brushes and
CinePaint brushes.

There is not much we can do to change this situation now that it has
happened. I am not going to yell at anyone since I don't even know how
far this change dates back. But I want you to know that we are upset
about what happened and I ask you to assure that similar things don't
happen in the future. File formats are crucial and we can not accept
any incompatibilities caused by third-party developers changing our
file formats.

Well, there is one thing we can do: If someone would provide us with
the details about the version 3 brush format, we might decide to
include support for it in The GIMP. This would at least reduce
confusion among our users.

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