Sven closed my bug report suggesting removing or reducing the user
installer.  I have moved it to NeedInfo, as I hope with more information
you can be convinced it is worth reopening.

I think the user installer could be shortened or even removed entirely.
Distributions like Knoppix already skip it entirely.

The installer contains lots of information that the developers would
clearly like you to know but users dont read manuals or dialog messages
unless they really have no choice, unless the information is essential.

When a user first starts the GIMP they are not likely to have already read
about how the gimp works or know what all the questions in the installer
mean.  I would prefer to ask new user less questions but
providing a help button on each page of the installer so that user who do
want to know what it means can easily find out and make good choices in
the installer would be an improvement.

At the very least the second and third pages about the files that are
getting installed could be removed
At most all you would need say is one sentence, something like
GIMP will need to install configuration files which take up roughly
500 kb.  The documentation could explain what these files are for those
who want to know more.


Alan Horkan

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