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> Him
> "Robin Rowe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > The plan is for CinePaint to move away from this undocumented and
> > incompatible XCF format we inherited -- and can't properly support
> > -- to a new XML-ish file format that will be called CPX. I am still
> > designing that, but have already documented the basic format. It
> > should replace gbr too.
> You might then be interested to hear that we started to discuss a new
> file format for GIMP more than 3 years ago and came up with an XML
> based design as well. More details will probably be made up at the
> GIMP developers conference next month.

Couldn't both teams try to find a common format? After all
XML is quite flexible and it should be easy to flag the extensions
that are not supported by the other program. Both programs have
a lot in common. Users will really appreciate it when they can
easily exchange data between the two programs.

(I know this is probably not quite the right moment to suggest


Ernst Lippe

(PS. Robin I would apreciate it if you could forward this message
to the cinepaint-developers list. I think that this is an important
issue for both groups of developers.)
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