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> The situation is worse than you think. Not only has the brush format
> been modified, the XCF format has been broken, too. Again, for
> higher bit depths than GIMP supports. Our users are surprised that
> they can't read 8-bit GIMP XCF files even though XCF is listed as
> our native format.

I was afraid you would say that. Well, as with the brush file format,
there is not much we can do now. I still cannot believe that anyone
would be so mindless to do such a change, but it happened. The
intention of my mail was to ensure that such things don't happen again
in the future.

> By the way, where would I find your docs for the GIMP gbr format?


> The plan is for CinePaint to move away from this undocumented and
> incompatible XCF format we inherited -- and can't properly support
> -- to a new XML-ish file format that will be called CPX. I am still
> designing that, but have already documented the basic format. It
> should replace gbr too.

You might then be interested to hear that we started to discuss a new
file format for GIMP more than 3 years ago and came up with an XML
based design as well. More details will probably be made up at the
GIMP developers conference next month.

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