Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Go to the menu and toggle "View Menubar". How did you miss this?
> (Gimp 1.3.4) I had the menubar turned on I expected to still have the
> menubar in fullscreen mode.

I don't understand your answer but just to clarify my sentence I will
describe the behaviour of fullscreen mode for you. By default, if you
enter fullscreen mode and your WM signals that it supports this
operation, all widgets around the canvas are switched off. You can
however access the Image->View menu using the right-click menu. There
you can reenable individual elements like menu-bar, rulers, status-bar
and the like. These changes do not affect the state of the view in
normal mode and this state is saved and will be used again when you
switch to fullscreen mode again later. I hope this clarifies things.


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