Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> You are telling me that most of the programs in Gnome and KDE are
> wrong and the GIMP is right.  I will go and read the GPL again and I
> will read the GPL FAQ and see if I can figure out where is this
> explicit requirement to display the license.

You will certainly find it since it is pretty clear. Almost all GUI
applications ignore it however and the GIMP isn't any better.  If we
would take this really really seriously, we'd have to add a GPL
disclaimer to the splash screen.

> There was no way for me to know what the recent changes you made
> are, could you please say what they are?

I already said that the changes are minor. Basically some UI
polishing, nothing that would be worth calling a change.

> (* Photoshop allows a menubar in fullscreen mode which really allows
> you to make the most of the available space and still have the
> convenience of a menubar.  If the GIMP does I have not yet figured
> out how to keep the menubar turned on in Fullscreen mode)

Go to the menu and toggle "View Menubar". How did you miss this?

> I am not asking you to do it.  I am asking you to let it happen.

As I said, the user installation dialog was added for a number of
reasons. I don't see why I should let it disappear for no good reason.

> The attitude I keep encountering is a strong resistance to progress.

Sorry, but removing features looks more like a regression to me.

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