[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-07-18 at 1014.57 -0300):
> I tried to aply adptive supersampling with maximum depth,
> to compare the effects with the ones from the patch: I had to kill out 
> gimp after 20 minutes of 90% CPU use and no response.

To see supersampling at work, try doing a diagonal gradient moving the
mouse one pixel in each axis, and using a custom gradient like the
german one, with repeat mode triangle wave. Use two layers, one with
supersampling and the other without, then toggle visibility. You will
see how the supersampled version is a bit smoother, giving a orange
brown looking wavy image, instead of sharply changing pixels, more
like straight lines than a gradient. Work in zoom mode to build the
gradients, then compare zoomed and non zoomed.

Quick conclusion: supersampling is for people working with quickly
changing gradients, while dithering is for people working with slowly
changing gradients. They are different things for different problems,
and using the wrong one means wasting time.

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