On 19 July, 2003 - Patrick McFarland sent me these 1,1K bytes:

> On 19-Jul-2003, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > We might do another 1.2 release but I doubt that this will happen and
> > it would surely be just be a bug-fix release with no new feature
> > whatsoever. GIMP-1.3 is close to being released as 2.0 and support for
> > 1.2 will be dropped then.
> Releasing the stable from 1.3 is a bad idea, and I think everyone knows it.
> I wrote an email a few minutes before this one, and I suggest you read it.
> 1.3 should become 1.4. It doesnt use gegl, and it isnt 2.0 material. Releasing
> 1.3 as 2.0 is possibly the worse thing any of you could ever do. You know those
> slashdot trolls who keep saying apple and bsd are dead? They'll say gimp is
> dead, and I will believe them.

A new version with heaps of changes is released.. that means gimp is
dead? I don't follow.

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