On 19-Jul-2003, Sven Neumann wrote:
> We might do another 1.2 release but I doubt that this will happen and
> it would surely be just be a bug-fix release with no new feature
> whatsoever. GIMP-1.3 is close to being released as 2.0 and support for
> 1.2 will be dropped then.

Releasing the stable from 1.3 is a bad idea, and I think everyone knows it.
I wrote an email a few minutes before this one, and I suggest you read it.

1.3 should become 1.4. It doesnt use gegl, and it isnt 2.0 material. Releasing
1.3 as 2.0 is possibly the worse thing any of you could ever do. You know those
slashdot trolls who keep saying apple and bsd are dead? They'll say gimp is
dead, and I will believe them.

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