Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
If the GIMP is under the GPL, with no exceptions listed were appropriate, them it is ilegal for non GPL-compatible plugins to be installed.

This is quite clear on the GPL-FAQ.
And for great that it may seen for some people to have some proprietary
plugins developed for the GIMP, that otherwise would not, we get
better respecting the GPL or __else__.

I wouldn't be quite so alarmist, since We The GIMP Developers would be the ones who reserve the final right to be upset about non-GPL plugins calling into the GPL GIMP core (in a seperate process via a wire protocol and great indirection but yes, this is still apparently 'linking' in the GPL sense according to very recent thought) -- and we've already made it clear /in intent/ from a very early stage that non-GPL plugins are allowed, by dint of putting libgimp under LGPL.

I agree that it would be wise to point out this explicit exemption
for pdb calls into the GIMP LICENSE file.  I'll do this soon if I
don't get beaten to it.

--Adam (IANAL)
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