Nathan Carl Summers writes:
 > Gimp plugins do not link with the Gimp and thus do not fall under Gimp's
 > licence.  Gimp plugins do link with libgimp*, which is licensed under the
 > LGPL.

Are there any licensing issues, BTW, with the pspi plug-in? (The GIMP
plug-in that interfaces to Photoshop plugins.) It is currently
licensed under the GPL. (I am the copyright holder, so I could change
its license if necessary.) The Photoshop plugins that it is able to
load (as DLLs) are of course in general totally proprietary
software. Is there any problem with this? (I don't distribute any
Photoshop plugins.)

("Photoshop plugin" here de facto means 3rd party Photoshop plugins,
as Adobe's owns aren't useable by other PS plugin hosts than Adobe's
own products.)


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