Adam D. Moss wrote:

Adam D. Moss wrote:

I agree that it would be wise to point out this explicit exemption
for pdb calls into the GIMP LICENSE file.  I'll do this soon if I
don't get beaten to it.

Done, for 1.2 and 1.3.  (If anyone disagrees with the specifics,
pull it...)


can someone explain these license problems in perfectly good
fuzzy american words, complete with adjectives and interjections; perhaps limited to only 3 conjunctions for me?

i keep thinking that if i were to run through, and randomly assign creative commons licenses to lets say every "10 words"
of gimp source, once it got cleaned up, it would be perfect
or at least wrong in an area no one cares about.

i am having a problem understanding what all the problems with
this stuff is.

thank you in advance,

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