Just in case anyone else is interested in a 4D mouse, here is one example:

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> dOn 01-Aug-2003, Kevin Myers wrote:
> > Helps if you have a 4D "ball" mouse (like I do), instead of only a 3D
> > "wheel" mouse.  :-)
> >
> > Seriously though, mainly responding because I want to make sure the Gimp
> > developers know that there ARE mice out there with built-in miniature
> > balls (2D) on top instead of having only single dimensional wheels on
> > top.  These are known as "4D" mice.  I wouldn't want any changes made in
> > response to this thread that might prevent the scroll ball on these 4D
> > from working properly with the Gimp.  Thanks,
> >
> I used to have a similar trackball. It was a trackball, three real
buttons, and
> then two wheels. Most apps I could scroll up and down with the first, and
> and right with the second. (Including most gtk1 apps.) It was pretty nice.
> Alas, the thing died, and radio shack, who I bought it from, no longer was
> selling them. So, Im now stuck with a llama compaq branded balless mouse.
> *sigh* I hate comapq.
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