* Leonard Rosenthol <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [030814 18:06]:
> At 4:41 PM +0200 8/14/03, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
> >The baseline GEGL library will be exactly the baseline functionality
> >needed to be able to something useful with the file,. compositing the
> >layers, layer groups, and effect layers into a single image. And in that
> >process handling the various kinds of layers (8bit, 16bit 16bit float,
> >32bit float, rgb, cmyk etc.)
>       Sure, if I don't already have that type of functionality in 
> my own application that would be useful.
>       But let's say that I am Photoshop or ImageMagick, which 
> already have layer (with effects), a compositing engine, etc.   All I 
> want is to load GEGL/GIMP data from disk into my own data structures. 
> I do NOT want/need all of your functionality - just want to read the 
> file!

Then you jsut want to be able to understand the XML file, which is the
reason I proposed using something like xml in the first place, the rest
of the logic would then be contained in your application. Then only
additional kind of logic would then be a small api allowing you to get
to each individual "file" within the archive or directory.

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