On 11 Aug 2003, at 4:26, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
>  I've had this problem for the last two development versions of the
>  Gimp: 1.3.17 and 1.3.18
>  Hopefully, to maximize the clarity of the information that I have to
> give you, and minimize the size of this e-mail, I will proceed with a
> series of links to screen shots and brief, appropriate comments.
> 1.    For the sake of accuracy, I first include a screen-shot of GIF that
> has this problem, as viewed in a non-Gimp application: Gqview 1.3.2
> http://www.faith4miracle.org/01-GimpSS-GQVIEW.jpg
>  You will notice that the background is transparent, as represented by
> the grey/light gray checks.  No problem here.

> 5.    Gimp 1.3.17:
> http://www.faith4miracle.org/05-GimpSS-gimp-1.3.17.jpg
>  As you can clearly see, the background is now pink.

Starting 1.3.17, the GIF plug-in has been changed in the following 
way (from plug-ins/common/gif.c, spacing edited to accommodate 

 * 2003-06-16
 * 4.01.00 - Attempt to use the palette colour closest to 
 *           that of the GIMP's current brush background 
 *           colour for the GIF file's background index 
 *           hint for non-transparency-aware image 
 *           viewers.  NOTE that this is merely a hint 
 *           and may be ignored by this plugin for 
 *           various (rare) reasons that would usually 
 *           entail writing a somewhat larger image 
 *           file."

This may be related.

branko collin
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