On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 07:33, Adam D. Moss wrote:
> Adam D. Moss wrote:
> > Okay, in that case I think I must have made a mistake in
> > the forward-port of the 1.2.x fix to 1.3.x, because I can't
> > reproduce this in my 1.2.x tree with the equivilent GIF plugin
> > 4.01.00 fix in it.
> > 
> > I'll try to spot what the forward-port does differently.
> I can't see anything wrong with the forward-port, and still
> can't reproduce this with the same mod on the 1.2.x branch.
> Now I can't afford any more time to look into this in the
> near future.
> Maybe someone who can reproduce this in 1.3.18 can come
> up with some ideas.
> Here's the unpublished 1.2.x gif-save plugin with the same fix
> that went into 1.3.17 (which I'm ASSUMING is the fix that is at
> the root of this problem), for comparison:
> http://icculus.org/~aspirin/gif.c
> --Adam

Without getting fancy, I just tried this image in gimp-1.3.18 (Linux,
RedHat 9).  It opened with the pink background, but I could repair the
transparency by (a) adding an alpha channel in the Layers and Channels
Dialog and (b) select by color/clear selection.  

Is the problem as simple as losing the alpha channel from the GIF in the
later versions?



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