Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
How do I reproduce the problem -- would I be right in thinking
that if I load the GIF above, then re-save it again and re-load
the result then the resulting GIF will have a pink background?

I answered this question in my response above, but to reiterate, the answer is "yes", if you resave the image in Gimp 1.3.18 and reload it in any version of the Gimp, GQview, ImageMagick, whatever, it now has a pink background.

Okay, in that case I think I must have made a mistake in the forward-port of the 1.2.x fix to 1.3.x, because I can't reproduce this in my 1.2.x tree with the equivilent GIF plugin 4.01.00 fix in it.

I'll try to spot what the forward-port does differently.

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