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On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 08:49, Adam D. Moss wrote:


Jeff Trefftzs wrote:

Without getting fancy, I just tried this image in gimp-1.3.18 (Linux,
RedHat 9).  It opened with the pink background

Wait, it OPENED with the pink background? You didn't have to save it out again first?

Yes indeedy!

I downloaded the GIF from the URL you provided.

(n.b. I didn't provide a URL, I didn't report the bug)

> When I opened it in
gimp-1.3.17 (yes, 17, not 18, my bad) it showed the pink bg.  Both in
preview and when I opened it.  This duplicates the reported behavior,

Okay, that's a pretty vital difference (and the reason I asked for clarification from the original reporter about whether it requires a save-then-reload, which he said it did in contradiction to what you've just reported, hence my general confusion). This means it's a gifload.c bug, not a gif.c bug (my last change to gifload.c was strictly a LZW bugfix so I can't see a potential problem there, but I'll try to look into it :( ).

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