Adam D. Moss wrote:
Okay, in that case I think I must have made a mistake in
the forward-port of the 1.2.x fix to 1.3.x, because I can't
reproduce this in my 1.2.x tree with the equivilent GIF plugin
4.01.00 fix in it.

I'll try to spot what the forward-port does differently.

I can't see anything wrong with the forward-port, and still can't reproduce this with the same mod on the 1.2.x branch. Now I can't afford any more time to look into this in the near future.

Maybe someone who can reproduce this in 1.3.18 can come
up with some ideas.

Here's the unpublished 1.2.x gif-save plugin with the same fix
that went into 1.3.17 (which I'm ASSUMING is the fix that is at
the root of this problem), for comparison:

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