On Sun, 2003-08-17 at 21:04, Alan Horkan wrote:

> The ImageMap plugin has the a maximise window decoration but very few
> other windows do, so even if it is the Window managers fault the GIMP will
> have some blame to shoulder too.

The imagemap plug-in creates a TOPLEVEL window while most other GIMP
dialogs are of type DIALOG and I think this is correct. Any WM that
thinks that dialog windows shouldn't have minimise and maximize buttons
is probably on crack.

> I think there is a distinction between a dialog and a normal window
> that is not clearly defined somewhere.

Doesn't the WM spec define this? It should.

> I'll probalby file a bug report to keep track and help me remember.  I'll
> assign it to myself, please dont close it invalid until I can properly
> verify that the problem is not with the GIMP.

Please file it against metacity.


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