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> Sorry if this is a silly question, but does the "maximize" button on
> modern X11 window managers behave differently than in Windows? Doesn't
> it always make the window fill the whole screen? 

The maximize button does exactly what it was told to do (if you have a
maximize button :)

I have two, one that maximizes vertically and one that maximizes to the
whole screen, in both cases sans borders. Other window managers might act
differently and support more or less operations. Apart from some hints,
maximizing is not in any way special, it's just another resizing operation
to the application.

> (Hmm, or is it so that even on Windows it is possible to make the
> maximize button not always maximizing to the screen size, but to some
> pre-set max size? If so, few applications seem to use this. Will have

Applications on X11 can request a specific size (not a special maximised
size). Window managers can override that, but usually don't (if an app
says don't resize me it's usually better to comply, unless the user forces
the issue).

There is no standard protocol for requesting a "maximize size" (probably
there isn't one at all, but I do not know this). Implementing one is easy,
getting all the window managers to implement it is not so easy :)

I don't know exactly what you were fishing for, so I don't think I
provided a good answer. The main difference to windows is that window
managers have total control and provide their own policy on what
"maximise/minimise" etc. means.

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