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> What is the target audience? Who should be interested?

That depends on what the goal of the bug week is.  See below for some
comments.  IMHO, the target audience is made of two groups:
- The developers: anybody who has a minimum amount of experience
  with the GIMP code and could submit a patch for any bug that has or
  will be marked as "esay-fix".
- Some GIMP users who could volunteer for bug triaging.

> What's special about a bug week?
> What is the goal of the bug week? 

The GNOME Bugsquad has Bug Days.  They are used for bug triage,
not necessarily fixing.  So they are mostly concerned about keeping
Bugzilla up-to-date, verifying the bug reports, etc.  See their FAQ:

I think that we would like to do a bit more than bug triage and
try to fix some bugs.  So that would be more like a "bug fixing
week".  Of course, the "fixing" part would only apply to those who
have some coding skills.

> As some of you already know, next week is the pre-2.0 GIMP Bug
> Week. The first pre-releases of 2.0 will start coming out the
> dorr around the end of next month, and we need to get some
  ^^^^ door
> conceentrated testing done before then, as well as classifying
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ concentrated
> known bugs into those which will be fixed before 2.0 and those
> which will be fixedd after.
                ^^^^^^ fixed

I would be a bit more careful about the last part of that sentence.
If your announcement is posted to the gimp-users list or to the
newsgroup, some users may think that they (alone) get to decide on
which bugs should be prioritized.  Although the users (in general)
should certainly give some feedback about that, it should be clear
that not all bugs will be fixed before 2.0 and what gets fixed depends
also on having some developer(s) who is(are) interested in fixing the
bug (except if this is a critical bug that must be fixed, but in this
case the decision is easy anyway).

> For those of you who aren't familiar with the idea, a bug week
> is a week when we make an extra effort to find bugs (and fix
> them) with the assistance of the general public. We invite people
> to join up on IRC (irc://irc.gnome.org/#gimp) to give us
> feedback, to prioritise bugs to be fixed in the next release, and
> to report bugs (if you're intimidated by Bugzilla). 

Shouldn't we encourage feedback on the gimp-user and gimp-developer
lists as well?  IRC is nice (for those who can use it :) ) but some
discussions about prioritizing may take more than the few minutes of a
typical IRC chat.  So the mailing lists or the newsgroup (why not?)
could also be suggested.  We should avoid cross-posting, though.

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