On 28 Aug 2003, at 20:38, David Neary wrote:

> I started writing an announcement for the bug week which is
> supposed to happen next week (it could happen the week after,
> though). Basically, I realised that I don't know what a bug week
> is supposed to be.
> So there are some questions...
> What is the target audience? Who should be interested?
> What's special about a bug week?
> What is the goal of the bug week? 

Well, in the end bug week means what you want it to mean. What are 
_your_ expectations?

When Mozilla held its bug week in 2001, it was facing a public 
relations disaster. From the much praised commercial open-source 
project that could, over three years of producing nothing* had made 
it almost the opposite: a warning for commercial entities to stay 
away from FOSS.

So Mozilla needed to re-befriend a lot of people in order to get some 
support after its 1.0 release. It seems to me that their Bug Week was 
part of that strategy: re-acquaint developers with the code. Bug-
fixing was just the vehicle.

The question for us, then, should be: why are we holding a bug week?

You should ask Mozilla.org for their expectations and their 
experiences with bug week.

*) When I say 'nothing', I mean no deliverable core product, i.e. web 
browser. No-one can deny that interesting software has come from the 
Mozilla project.

BTW, in a previous discussion on this list called 'bug week', a lot 
of suggestions were done as to how to draw people to the GIMP.

Guillermo Romero suggested interactive tutorials via IRC. Bex and 
Carol were discussing a way of acquainting new artists with the GIMP 
by having them make a tarot set. Perhaps events like these could be 
incorporated to involve as much of the community as possible. 

branko collin
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