Hi Raphael,

RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
> That depends on what the goal of the bug week is.  See below for some
> comments.  IMHO, the target audience is made of two groups:
> - The developers: anybody who has a minimum amount of experience
>   with the GIMP code and could submit a patch for any bug that has or
>   will be marked as "esay-fix".
> - Some GIMP users who could volunteer for bug triaging.

[snipped the rest of this very clear bit of the mail]

> I think that we would like to do a bit more than bug triage and
> try to fix some bugs.  So that would be more like a "bug fixing
> week".  Of course, the "fixing" part would only apply to those who
> have some coding skills.

I think you have the clearest idea of what is involved in this,
and you seem to have a good handle on the who, how and when...
would you mind doing an announcement mail, and pointing to some
of the relevant GNOME bug triage and "getting involved" docs
(until, of course, we have our own)? We could try and do this
next week, perhaps?

[sniped speeling correcshuns]

> Shouldn't we encourage feedback on the gimp-user and gimp-developer
> lists as well?  IRC is nice (for those who can use it :) ) but some
> discussions about prioritizing may take more than the few minutes of a
> typical IRC chat.  So the mailing lists or the newsgroup (why not?)
> could also be suggested.  We should avoid cross-posting, though.

I guess... too many avenues and any effect will be diluted.
Following the GNOME model, the idea is to make a conscious effort
to have people on IRC for real-time feedback on triaging, as far
as I can tell. If that's the model we want to follow, then the
mailing lists don't really offer that kind of communication model.

Just get yourself an IRC client, Raphael :)

But seriously, would you mind drafting an announcement for this,
if you have the time? It would be nice to get this done soon, and
I really don't have a clear idea of what we expect from the week,
whereas you seem to have some good ideas.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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