On 28 Aug 2003 at 20:38, David Neary wrote:

> Hi all,
> I started writing an announcement for the bug week which is
> supposed to happen next week (it could happen the week after,
> though). Basically, I realised that I don't know what a bug week
> is supposed to be.
> So there are some questions...
> What is the target audience? 

The target audience is everyone who can test a recent build of The GIMP. 
Preferably, he or she is also able to build it and apply patches, so that a 
proposed fix can be tested right away. 

As most of the main developers seem to use some kind of Linux or Unix as their 
development platform, it would be good to invite the users and developers of 
other platforms - so that bugs as simple as text/binary confusions in CVS can 
be found ;)

I don't know if localization bugs are supposed to be covered by this bug week - 
but if they are, native speakers of languages other than english should be 
invited, too.

> Who should be interested?

Everyone who wants to see a bug free GIMP 2.0. In order to reach them, every 
communication channel should be used for the best possible - not everyone can 
or wants to use IRC. Be sure to spread the news to the mailing lists, news 
group and the various gimp portal site everywhere around the globe (I hope that 
gimp.de will be up again shortly).

> What's special about a bug week?

Theres someone who listens and reponds to everything that is reported ;) 
As the bug reports pour in on all available channels, the job of this poor 
person is to filter out duplicates, redirect reporters of new aspects to 
existing dicussions, refine bug reports and poke the developers.

After the bug week, he will have developed a severe carpal tunnel syndrome and 
be the personal enemy of every GIMP developer.

> What is the goal of the bug week? 

Getting a much new bugs as possbile reported, confirmed ... and resolved, of 
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