David Hodson wrote:
> I've got a bunch of plugins on my website, a couple of which
> are reasonably stable and mature. (OK, so they're built against
> 1.2 at the moment.) Who decides on the offical plugin list?

The official plug-ins are the ones in the main GIMP CVS
repository. In general, a plug-in will get accepted if it's (1)
reasonably bug free, (2) doing things like data access in a
gimpish way, and (3) has an official active maintainer. Oh, and
(4) is useful :)

Unfortunately, several plug-ins which have in the past been
included in the main GIMP distribution, and have then "lost"
their maintainer, giving a rather big maintenance headache. Also,
plug-ins weren't always bug-free when accepted. There was a time
when we were pretty promiscuous about what we accepted (before my

Because of the aforementioned maintenance, the standards have
been somewhat raised. However, several plug-ins have been
accepted into 1.3.

> For the interested, check out wideangle, degrain, and DBP (and
> maybe Cineon/DPX, although that's fairly specialised) at:

Would you be interested in helping keep the plug-in registry
up-to-date? It's a job that needs doing, and I honestly don't
know who was responsible for that before... I know that Carol was
also interested in maintaining a list of 3rd party plug-ins,
perhaps you could get talking to each other?


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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