Branko Collin wrote:
> On 21 Sep 2003, at 14:12, David Neary wrote:
> > Excuse me - the shortcut I'd like to change is Redo, which is
> > currently Ctrl-R. Most apps in the Linux desktop space are now
> > adopting some or all of the GNOME HIG in this regard. So - to
> > correct myself - I'd like to change Ctrl-R to Ctrl-Shift-Z.
> But since when did GIMP _users_ all start living there? Do we know 
> what the guidelines for other platforms are? How useful are the HIG?

This was also something that was addressed in the old threads, I
believe... Here's the mail in question.

In summary:
Windows in general: Ctrl-Y
Apple standard: Apple-Shift-Z
GNOME: Ctrl-Shift-Z
KDE: Ctrl-Shift-Z
PhotoShop: Ctrl-Shift-Z
PSP: Ctrl-Alt-Z (they use Ctrl-Shift-Z for "bring up undo
history", apparently)

The HIG is the nearest thing we have to a proposal for consistent
keybindings across the free desktops - much of it has been
adopted by freedesktop, and is being implemented by all the major
free software platforms (OO.o, Mozilla, KDE and GNOME). As we can
see, the keybinding is also widespread on other systems, and in
other apps. 

It's a small change, and (as has been said before) anyone who is
particularly upset by it would presumably be able to modify it
using dynamic shortcuts (presumably, the question "what happened
to Ctrl-R?" will soon join "Why doesn't = zoom in any more?" as a


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