On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, David Neary wrote:

> Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:
> > According to http://registry.gimp.org/changes?max=15 the last change to
> > a plug-in was done only a couple of days ago - so it seems the registry
> > works at least for some people.
> Perhaps, but there are several things which should be possible
> which aren't.
> First, the majority of the plug-ins in the registry appear to be
> abandonware - 1.0 plug-ins that have never been updates to 1.2,
> never mind 1.3/2.0. We need a way to clean out the cruft (or at
> least hide it away).
> Second, the registry could do with a ranking system to have the
> most common and/or popular plug-ins appearing on the top of the
> lists of plug-ins. The only sorting system I've seen is
> alphabetically, which severely limits the usefullness of the site.
> Third, it is not possible to attach patches for existing
> plug-ins to a plug-in without being a plug-in maintainer. It
> would be nice if this were easier to do, perhaps with a comment
> system? Although I guess an inscription system makes some
> sense...

This functionality sounds a lot like MozDev, which has a very useful list
of active projects, or Sourceforge (or Gnu/Savannah/Whatever).

Changing to a full blown project management system might make things
easier to manage in the long run.

Something to consider at least.

- Alan H
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