[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-09-24 at 1132.48 +0200):
> I'd just like to say: Well done. I managed to create a A1 poster at 600
> dpi - a whopping 1.1 Gig of picture data (about 20000x14000 pixels).

Was there a real difference between 600 DPI and 300 DPI? I have a mag
here that is done in 300-400 DPI, with good paper... and it looks
nice, and it is something you look nearer than a wall poster.

> BTW: Is it possible that there is a 3 Gig limit on per-process memory?
> The machine has 6 GB, no ulimits and I got a "could not allocate x
> bytes" message when I gave 3 Gig tile cache to GIMP (it took about 500
> Meg for other stuff, so I settled with 2.5 GB tile cache and still got a
> 3 Gig swap file plus 3 Gig memory usage).

What kind of processor and OS was used?

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