Hi there,

I'd just like to say: Well done. I managed to create a A1 poster at 600
dpi - a whopping 1.1 Gig of picture data (about 20000x14000 pixels).
While GIMP 1.2.4 crashed while rendering the fractal, GIMP 1.3.20
managed to get it done and even save it as Postscript. Weehee!

BTW: Is it possible that there is a 3 Gig limit on per-process memory?
The machine has 6 GB, no ulimits and I got a "could not allocate x
bytes" message when I gave 3 Gig tile cache to GIMP (it took about 500
Meg for other stuff, so I settled with 2.5 GB tile cache and still got a
3 Gig swap file plus 3 Gig memory usage).

Bye, Tino.

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