I believe we could hard-code two keybindings to work as the
default, couldn't we?

Technically possible, but extremely horrible, since the user has to be educated about it. And since the only argument in favour of the less ergonomic C-S-Z is "easier to learn", that sounds even worse than leaving it at C-R.

I'd suggest to leave the C-R as default keybinding and hardcode the C-S-Z. Then if you move from photoshop or HIGified Gnome apps, it will work for you. But the (IMHO) much more ergonomic C-R stays as the default for newbies. As it was said earlier the ergonomics of Redo operation in for example text editor is less important as you don't use it so often and you don't switch between Undo and Redo very fast and frequently.

Tom Mraz

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