On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 11:39:44PM +0200, David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm sure that ergonomy was considered for Photoshop when they
> chose Ctrl-Shift-Z for Redo... I do think it's overstating our
> importance somewhat to say that what's good for a large portion
> of the rest of the world is not good for us.

"Others do it" is never an argument, though.

What you need are arguments in favour of Ctrl-Shift-Z, and the only ones
that there are is "the HIG and other platforms use it, so people are
probably used to it, making it easier for them to switch".

That is one aspect of usability. It doesn't have much to do with
ergonomics, and as others already have said, Ctrl-R/Ctrl-Z is much more
ergonomical than three-key-combinations.

I think "two keys vs. three keys" is extremely obvious, too.

So ergonomics is might have been considered, but it was certainly
_dismissed_, as other, much more ergonomic combinations, are available.

> > Switching between views this fast with accuracy is simply not possible
> > using Shift-Ctrl-Z due the the physiology of the human hand. The optimal
> > hand position is left on the shift and control and right on the z, with
> > the finger on the shift moving every other beat of the other hand and the
> > finger on the control key staying still.
> That depends where the z is on the keyboard :)

As a user with german keyboard, I can say that two keys (Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-R)
are much easier to toggle than using the proposed three-key combinations.

It's of no importance where the z key is, as it is used in your proposed
better solution, too.

> I believe we could hard-code two keybindings to work as the
> default, couldn't we?

Technically possible, but extremely horrible, since the user has to be
educated about it. And since the only argument in favour of the less
ergonomic C-S-Z is "easier to learn", that sounds even worse than leaving
it at C-R.

> It's pretty consistent.

This is true and has been demonstrated :)

> And the usability people have considerably more experience with this
> than either of us :)

usable != ergonomic, though.

And I think that gimp users have considerable more experience with using
gimp than the usability people.

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