According to the roadmap proposed a few weeks ago, we should be in
feature freeze and we should have released 2.0rc1 by now.  Also, the
old web site was supposed to be replaced by the new one in order to be
prepared to support the new release.

None of this has happened: new features are still being implemented
(e.g., the nice tool presets added yesterday), we are planning for
1.3.21 soon (not ready for 2.0rc1 yet) and the web site hasn't been
moved.  This is not a real problem because this is usual in Free
Software projects and there are be good reasons for these delays: a
1.3.21 release would be really useful to test the latest bug fixes.

But if we still want to keep the goal of releasing 2.0 before next
year, then it would be useful to revive the idea of the feature
freeze.  One way to do that would be to create a branch for 2.0 (like
what was done for gimp-1-2) and say that only bug fixes can be done on
that branch.  Being "forced" to move away from CVS HEAD would probably
change the way we consider the code for 2.0, and discourage the
addition of new features which may be very nice and useful, but go
against the feature freeze.

I suggest to create that branch immediately after the 1.3.21 release.
What do you think?

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