Daniel Rogers wrote:
> I like the GUADEC idea technically.  From a personal, selfish, 
> un-gimp-like, I want to see the world point of view, London, Lyon, and 
> Dublin have been on my list of places to see for quite some time.  However, 
> I think GAUDEC, especially since they are excited to have us and are sound 
> willing to accomadate our needs, is better for us as a project.

London's easy to get to, Dublin's nothing special, and why on
earth would you want to come to Lyon before (say) Prague, Paris,
Amsterdam, or half a dozen other cities around Europe? :)

> I am not sure if there are going to be fund raising issues, per say.  We 
> are probably one of a relativly small set of projects going that don't have 
> any regular funding, so I am willing to wager that the funding will be no 
> more trouble for us that it is normally.

Given that GNOME is a GNU project, and in past years the FSF has
been our biggest contributor for conferences, I can foresee

> Also, as far as volunteers go, obviously I am not the best person to be 
> planning anything happening in Europe (at the very least my sleep schedule 
> couldn't handle it).  However, if you have anything you would like or can 
> be delagated to me, please ask.

It would be really cool if you would be the money man - the man
that we could have the checks made out to. And if you could
muscle some of those Comdex contacts, and work US companies
(particularly Hollywood, where we know teh GIMP is used a lot),
that would be brilliant.

> I should really give a presentation on Gegl there.  This would encourage me 
> to get off my ass and write technal white papers discussing the huge about 
> of planning I feel I have put into gegl.  This would be good for me, too, 
> as writing down ideas always provides a good oppurtunity to improve on 
> them.  Also writing down ideas provides a good chance for people to 
> critizie those ideas, which would also be good.

That's great to hear too. The official call for papers hasn't
gone out yet, but the format in previous years has been 30 minute
talks and 60 minute talks, people would like to see published
proceedings this year, so perhaps a 60 minute presentation might
be an idea to get a bit of meat on things?

> What are your feelings here?  Do you think there is a chance GAUDEC won't 
> work out?

I think there is a chance that we might end up struggling to get
everyone there financially. I also think there's a chance that
some GIMP people might not like the connotation that GIMP is or
might be a GNOME app. I also think that piggy-backing on a big
developers conference is risky, in that the objective of the
GimpCon would be to be 100% into the GIMP for a few days, and
with GUADEC going on that might not be so easy.

In other words, I can see why some people might prefer a smaller
cosier event. I think that the way our organisation is now,
that's asking a lot of a couple of people to organise. The
benefits of a big event are that there is less infrastructure to
work on from our point of view. So there are pros and cons :)
Personally, I like GUADEC. 


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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