David Neary wrote:

That's great news! If we give thanks now, does that mean it'll be
done soon? When's thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving was Thursday. I just got the message from my lawyer that the documents are almost complete. It takes a few weeks for the incorporation paperwork to get filed with the US government, then I need to file an IRS form to get non-profit status. It will happen very soon now.

I understand your point, but I think it's not valid. I don't see
us as being in a turf war with CinePaint. If he has better
contacts with the studios than we do, that's fine. But our target
audience for funding is people who have used the software no
charge, and have a vested interest in seeing it improve. The
studios fit that bill to a tee.

Well, I didn't see it as a turf war so much as keeping personal space. You are right though, in that there is no harm is asking.

I would ask Calvin and Yosh for contacts here - they both worked
with film companies for a while. Caroline Dahlof at R&H might be
a good place to start, afterwards it would be nice to try to
contact someone at Disney (following on from their recent
evaluation of the GIMP and CinePaint) and ILM who use the GIMP

Can anyone give me Caroline's email address? Is she still at R&H? does anyone know?


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