Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> The question I'd like to bring up is what should be the default values
> for these. After quite some discussions I now propose the following:
>  (activate-on-focus yes)
> Switching to activate-on-focus as the default setting seems to make
> sense given that most desktops seem to be using "click-to-focus" by
> default these days. We used to set this to yes for Win32 only but I'd
> like to avoid different default settings if possible.
> So, if you have a strong opinion against this change, please speak up
> now.

I have a strong opinion on that, mainly because I put a lot of thought
and discussion effort into the active-view idea when I proposed it.

It basically boils down to:

  * (activate-on-focus yes) breaks in the focus-follows-mouse model,
    since the active view changes randomly when you just move your mouse
    across the Screen, containing multiple image views.

  * (activate-on-focus no)  works for both models,

While I agree that (activate-on-focus yes) works better for the
click-to-focus model, we should avoid shipping a default with a
broken behaviour on focus-follows-mouse models.


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