On Tuesday 25 November 2003 11:42, Tino Schwarze wrote:

> Although I have a strong opinion against click-to-focus, it's
> probably the most widely used default and "expert users" are used
> to changing this setting anyway, so the default makes sense.
> However, it would be great, if the window manager's focus policy
> could be determined and the default changed acccordingly (since
> activate-on-focus will complicate things with a point-to-focus
> policy)

I had an Horrible Experience (tm) regarding this yesterday.

I was making a title in Gimp 1.3.23, and was using 140pt font.
Suddenly, by accident I flipped the mouse wheel over the "unit" 
listbox ..it changed from PT to IN .... hell came over on my desktop.
before I could do much, the keyboard froze as the GIMP tried to 
allocate more memory than avaliable in the whole city - I managed to 
xkill the gimp, but the X server remained frozen. I had to remote 
login and kill the X process.

Since this the whole issue is not strictly related to activate on 
focus, but on memory consumption by the Text plugin, Sven, do you 
think it would be feasible to put a warning on the font-size 
selectors, just as there are when one tries to create an image too 

> Bye, Tino.




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