Kai-Uwe Behrmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> So here comes the gzipped code.

Non-gzipped would certainly have been preferred since it allows to
comment on the code more easily.

> The old bugs I had visited and all but one checked. I could not see
> the patch for 97352 TIFF plugin shows progress bar when run
> non-interactive .  So this may remained open.

That bug was bogus anyway and the "fix" got reverted when be changed
all plug-ins to do the right thing.

Your plug-in has some interesting parts like where it reads multiple
TIFF pages and also the use of lcms to do the color conversion should
be considered for inclusion in the GIMP plug-in. However we probably
don't want to include a plug-in that will double the amount of #if and
#ifdef statements in the GIMP source tree.

Are you or is anyone else interested in merging the interesting parts
into the tiff plug-in as found in our CVS tree? If noone raises hand,
I would do it myself. Not sure if the functionality that depends on
lcms should be included before 2.0. I would suggest we start with
adding support for multiple pages.

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