Kai-Uwe Behrmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > don't want to include a plug-in that will double the amount of #if and
> > #ifdef statements in the GIMP source tree.
> As I like to continue to develop this tiffreader, what would You think is
> appropriate to let the #if / #ifdef macros fall without erasing code?

There is no way a GIMP plug-in can support multiple versions and even
a completely different app and at the same time be readable and
maintainable code. In my opinion the version included with GIMP-2.0
should be a plug-in for GIMP-2.0 and nothing else. I also don't see
why we should not continue to use our working TIFF plug-in. This
plug-in works, is widely tested and has a maintainer. In my opinion
what we should do is to integrate some functionality of your plug-in
into the TIFF plug-in as found in CVS. I would suggest we start by
adding support for multi-page TIFF file and look into color conversion
routines as soon as GIMP-2.0 is released.

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